Very fresh approach and interesting. Definitely, it has made the team spirit stronger both in and out of the office.

About Us
Company Profile

Since 2003, BEAUTIFUL MINDS is a founder-run boutique corporate training company that specializes in very precise experiential learning methods. One of our main specialty is 'CASTLES CAN FLY ™', program, a corporate teambuilding event using Beachworks tools.

The company is fully dedicated to provide quality corporate teambuilding that is respectful of high mental engagement; relevance to organizational challenges yet remains light-hearted and fun.

We have a small but dedicated training team of trainers and facilitators that will ensure personal touches for an authentic learning experience for all participants, at all times.

Due to our strength in very niche learning objectives, we are able to provide highly customized programs and services that will be felt deeply by the participants. We do not strive to be all things to all people.

As such, we are mostly referred through word of the mouth and personal endorsement. Heartfelt appreciation and genuine recommendation to others is what we are grateful for.


Our Philosophy
Defining Corporate Teambuilding

“A meaningful and fun activity, provided by professional service crew, to reinforce corporate learning for effective workplace application”

This definition is necessary to differentiate our programs from the popular notion that all teambuilding programs are purely recreational activities with little or no attempt to relate to corporate purpose and objectives.

This distinction is important to us so that our customer can understand our value and purpose in our services.

Precise Insightful Lessons

Through close observation of team dynamics and group behavior, we are able to draw precise and insightful lessons with direct application to organization specific challenges.

Proven Proficiency in Building Works

Since 1993, Alvin lee have been producing amazing sandcastles and sand sculptures. Our team of skilled building crew will share with our clients our expertise. There is no other company with this combination of high quality proficiency and dedication in sandcastle building and transferring corporate training lessons.

Professional Training Services

We take great efforts to listen and understand customers’ industry, current management challenges and climatic condition in order to bring about an authentic learning experience.

An authentic learning experience

We take great pride to distill great academics learning frameworks into simple yet authentic and effective mental notes, which are highly applicable in day-to-day work routines for specific levels of engagement.

Conduct of Business

We appreciate that organization devotes large amount of time and resource to ensure authentic learning experience for their staff. As such, we are dedicated to make sure all programs outcome to be a professional class above others, relevant to corporate application, more than just popular recreational activities.

Our Customers

We have a list of impressive world-class customers, which we will furnish upon request.

A large percentage of our customers are highly intelligent decision makers who sincerely care about the quality of corporate learning experience that is refreshing and challenging. They can clearly distinguish between recreation-based activities with no relevance to serious relevant organizational learning.

Our customers view corporate teambuilding programs to be a time where the staff bonds together through learning new experience and lessons so as to produce results beyond their own expectations.

Our customers walk the talk by physically getting out of comfort zones. I.E. going into unchartered places and areas with little or no references. They challenge status quo on what is possible and ask to do better than last experience or better than competitor’s performance.

They are not afraid of being very focus, which may mean the removal of all other less important distractions.

In all likelihood, they treasure real people with real emotions; more than just buzzwords and frameworks. They are people who lead paths into unchartered waters, rather than follow the tried and tested.

In short, our customers are real people with very clear purpose.